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Pew, we really have taken our time to develop this new super-functional baby. From the very first draft until the finished product, it has taken a while but now, we are happy that our brand new timbal stand is now online and available for you! Extra light 2,6 kg with height adjustable tripod, padded hoop, ideal playing height and guaranteed stability! Put one foot on the extra stabilising cross bar to create a high level of statics, together with the anti-slip feet there's no more sliding around on stage. The timbal stand is perfect for stage gigs and players who change instruments a lot during a concert. The tripod is designed especially for Brazilian timbals and comes completely equipped with:

- padded hoop (nylon cord, caoutchouc closure)
- height ajustable for 70cm and  90cm timbals
- cross bar for high static level during your exstatic solo performance
- anti-slip feet

In Salvador da Bahia's traditional blocos, the timbal plays an important role - it plays the intro, indicates the pace and introduces the bloco to the piece. The show bands (bandas) usually play on stage and use just the same type of stands.

For 70cm timbals, the stand can be adjusted to approx. 88-98cm playing height.
For 90cm timbals, the stand can be adjusted to approx. 103-113cm playing height.

Distance between the holes for height adjustment: 5cm on 3 levels.
Nylon cord wrapping on hoop with caoutchouc closure.

Please note:
Depending on the surface of your timbal and last but not least also on the way you play, traces of wear might occur on the instrument shell. If you are an extremely energetic timbaleiro, you might want to use additional padding material to wrap the hoop and protect your timbal from optical traces. Please keep in mind that additional wrapping will narrow the diameter and therefore has influence in the playing height.