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Surdo feet with shock absorbers - easy to slip on surdo leg sets

Spring-loaded anti-slip surdo feet for leg sets - ideal for stage gigs - no more sliding away of your surdo!
Many pro musicians and surdo players in Salvador and Rio already use this accessory to keep their surdo stable on stage. You might have experienced how ridiculous it looks if your surdo legs are wrapped in sponges, worn-out havainas or duck tape to keep it from wandering on stage. Finally there is an easy solution which keeps your surdo stable, favors good sound, doesn't look tinkered and is absolutely functional. Each set consists of 3 shock absorbers with multilayered rubber insets. The normal foot size of a leg set fits exactly without any modification, simply take off the original rubber knob and slip on the shock absorbers - done!


Matthias Haffner (musician and instrument builder HP Percussion / handmade pandeiros) has tested the surdo feet on stage gigs, this is his feedback:
"The sound is great, the surdo stands stable and absorbs the movement by softly cushioning the beats. The springs are made of metal, the body on which they are mounted, is plastic and several layers of sturdy rubber. The shock absorber feet are stable and under normal usage conditions seem pretty durable!"