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On the photos you can see each step it takes to decorate your berimbau!
Step 1: Clean your berimbaus - first with sandpaper, then with water
Step 2: Let them dry off completely, best overnight

In the meantime you can relax and get some musical inspriation with the sound recommendatios below!

Step 3: Ground your berimbau with a large paintbrush, I have used white latex colour which works excellent as it is very flexible when dry. If you use normal colour, it will get brittle and crumble off as soon as you bend the verga for pitching. Yet, latex colour needs 1 week to dry out completely. Leave the painted berimbaus in a dry room with no draft as dust particles will stick to the colour.

Step 4: Finally - the creative part can begin! You need a small brush and normal acrylic paint in your favorite colours from the art supply store. Paint whatever you like, the most simple patterns are often especially nice-looking.

Step 5: Again time to dry, acrylic paint usually dries pretty quick and easily over night. The only thing missing now is a last clear paint coating to seal the colour and keep it from staining your hands. The easiest is to get a spray can of clear lacquer which you can find in any DIY store or construction market.

After the final coating has driet off, put on your biggest smile, be happy, do a spontaneous double salt and pay the iuna!