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※NEW※ Signature tamborim for you pros out there! Co-developed by Chris Quade Couto, who has been playing with the top league of Rio Samba in Rio de Janeiro for many years: extra high frame and thick aluminium sheet, Contemporanea style and design for high endurance and bateria freaks!

Dudu Tucci plays Contemporanea

Dudu Tucci is the new endorser for CONTEMPORÂNEA Percussion Instruments

Dudu Tucci and Contemporânea both come from Sao Paulo. Dudu grew up in Vila Madalena, the district where Contemporânea used to manufacture their products and still run a large store. And now, after having become one of the most virtuosic and well-respected brazilian percussionists and teacher of inumerable drummers throughout whole Europe, their paths cross anew! Contemporânea, with its long tradition of outstanding instruments and Dudu Tucci, an outstanding percussionist...a perfect fit! And we from Kalango are really looking forward to a synergistic teamwork!

Dudu Tucci and Kalango will be presenting short video films with Dudu in loose intervals. These films aim to professionally introduce the typical brazilian instruments from Contemporânea.