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XL Pandeiros - a Comeback

They're back! Family-pizza-sized XL pandeiros! Or have they never actually disappeared? Discover the fascination of large pandeiros in 11", 12", 13" and even 14"! XL pandeiros are not an unusual sight in Brazil, adding a touch of oldschool and a lot of effect to any great show.
Large pandeiros are a common sight in Brazil, adding loads of rhythm to any band. But have you ever wondered why the standard size outside Brazil is the much smaller 10 inch pandeiro? Time to explore the magic of larger pandeiros in 11", 12", 13" and 14"!

BlackTin XL Pandeiros

Trendy & oldschool: XL Pandeiros are experiencing a revival! Dazzling colours and designs, all kinds of unique pieces, utlra-light synthetic pandeiros in XL sizes from 11" to 13"! BlackTin is bringing large-sized pandeiros back to the Samba world!

Pizzott Artisan Pandeiros

News from our top pandeiro range: Pizzott has released a flat rim pandeiro in a fab 10,5 inch intermediate size. And: his long-standing Choro pandeiro in 10" has received a contemporary update straight into our ultra light weight range. More about our pandeiro top league...