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Feliz Festa de Yemanjá

Feliz Dia de Iemanjá - 2. of February

The Festa de Iemanjá is one of Salvador's most important summer celebrations. It is said to have first been held in 1923, when some fishermen brought offerings for the "Rainha do mar", the Queen of the Sea, asking her for protection and help when they went out fishing. People loved the rituals and festivities so they got repeated by many others over the years. Every year on February 2nd, thousands come to Praia Vermelha in Salvador to present their offerings in exchange for abundance and a calm sea. People bring flowers, light candles on the shore rocks or even make little wooden boats filled with gifts for Iemanjá which they send to sea. Typical gifts include blue and white items (Iemanjá's colours), mirrors, combs, parfume, cakes and of course, flowers, accompanied by Candomblé music and good wishes. On this day, you will typically find many small music ensembles playing along the high street and on the beach, the ritual drums of Candomblé as well as small street blocos. Due to the pandemic, the festivities have been spread out to other beaches in the past years.

Feliz festa de Yemanjá!