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Buriti - a small company from Portugal makes beautifully designed artisanal Maracatu drums

The powerful thunder of a Maracatu has an impressive effect. This music style is from Brazil's northeast and is traditionally played on wooden bass drums, the bumbos (or also: bombos, new age: alfaias) with string tuning. The skins are strong and suitable for the unpadded, thick wood beaters that produce the authentic, massive sound. Beautifully and creatively built in a small workshop in Lisbon, selected hide heads, woods and functional strings combined to a high-quality, modern yet traditional instrument.

Beautifully handmade

Maracatu is a very popular percussive rhythm with Afro-Brazilian origin, characterised by the powerful sounds of its bass drums. Maracatu originated during slavery, probably between the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, from the musical mixture of Portuguese, indigenous and African cultures, where today the state of Pernambuco lies.

The magic of music from Brazil's north-east

Buriti is a small brand from Lisbon, Portugal that makes handmade percussion instruments. The brand's name is inspired by the Buriti palm tree native to the central and northern regions of South America and is also the name of a region within the Brazilian state of São Paulo where the brand's founder, Fabricio Soares, comes from. His bumbos are made individually and lovingly by hand.

Alfaia Bumbo Maracatu Iroko Alfaia Bumbo Maracatu Iroko

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Alfaia Bumbo Maracatu Roble Alfaia Bumbo Maracatu Roble

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Alfaia Bumbo Maracatu Nogal Alfaia Bumbo Maracatu Nogal

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Alfaia Stick Baqueta surdo - alfaia, cabeza grande

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Maracatu Sticks normal - Paar Baquetas Maracatu juego

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Correa hombrera Tradicional LUXO Correa hombrera Tradicional LUXO

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