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24.-27.9.2016 Workshops for all ages, percussion from all over Brazil, dance, kids- and family programme, beginners, intermediate, advanced or master class players - Samba for everyone! 4 days long you can play as much as you like, receive professional training and meet sambistas from all over Europe! Rio Samba freaks will find their destination just as well as Afro Samba / Samba Reggae drummers. The Sambasyndrom is well known for its diversity of courses and top-mestres who are even being flown in extra from Brazil. We 'll be joining the event with our Kalango festival booth - come meet us there!


★ TIP ★ PRO-workshop / Master class Bate Livre Quebrantos - The Big North-East Mix (Juninho Quebradera & Nininho)
Samba Reggae Advanced - Timbalada (Crá Rosa)
Afro Samba da Bahia - intermediate (Volker Conrath)
Samba Reggae for beginners (Aminu Umaru)
Samba Batucada for beginners (Sven Schüler)
Samba Batucada - intermediate (Jochen Carl)
★ TIPP ★
 The Rio-Medley (Eduardo 'Dudu' Fuentes)
Banda Black Berlim - remastered (Nana Zeh)
Cajon-Revue goes Modern Samba (Anne Breick, Nina Scholz)
Brass in my Drums (Fabian Lima)
Body-Groove Samba and some More (Uli Moritz)
Samba de Coco (João de Alencar Régo)
The dance of the Agbê (Shekeré) (Neide Alves Pilger)
The music of the Meninos de Minas (André Taques)
Orient meets Brazil (Paulo Sommer, Bruno Messias)
Like fish in a sea of rhythms, family workshop (Katja Höllein, Solveig Teich)


We especially would like to recommend you this year's master class Bate Livre Quebrantos - The Big North-East Mix with Juninho Quebradera and Nininho. You can join on surdos, alfaias, congas, elu, snare, repinique, timbal, triangle, zabumba, berimbau, gongue, ganza oder mineiro, agogos, caracaxas and maracas to play the Pernambucan rhythms like Ciranda, Coco de roda, Mestre de Jurema, Cavalo marinho and many others. You want to improve your techniques and add on to your repertory, you need fresh ideas and high-quality input, then this special and very rare course is our top-pick for you!


You play very advanced and are widely familiar and comfortable with Rio style Samba, you have been playing for many years and have profound knowledge of batucada - then this workshop is a possibility to extend your Samba horizon profoundly:
Dudu Fuente will use his great talent to join rhythms of different origins and coleur to create new and challenging rhythm-medleys. His programme includes a Baianá-arrangement (with Mangue Beat, Samba, Funk and Opanijé), Bossa Nova, a Araketu-arrangement (Samba Reggae, Samba, Funk and Maculelê) as well as an Electronic Samba Groove.  You can play all typical Samba instruments as well as timbals.
Dudu Fuentes (Rio de Janeiro), percussionist and arranger, is well known for his profound knowledge and a large diversity of Brazilian rhythms which we combines with a large amount of authenticity to a mix of traditional grooves like Maculelê up to contemporary beats like Drum `n Bass; He is musical director at „Bangalafumenga“ and infamous „Monobloco“, founder of  „Batucalacatuca“ and „Du Rio Band“, he worked many years as the master class instructor and teacher at the California Brazil Camp, as a coordinator of worldwide workshops and as a member of the big Rio Samba schools Portela and Unidos da Tijuca.


WHEN: 22.-25.9.2016

WHERE: Landesmusikakademie Berlin, Straße zum FEZ 2, 12459 Berlin, Germany

Check out the courses, prices, programme, registration, infos and contact here:

We are looking forward to seeing you there!

Photos courtesy of: http://sambasyndrom.de/