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Beautifully crafted cavaquinhos made in Portugal

Buying a cavaquinho is an exciting decision that you will not regret if you find the right instrument for yourself. In Brazilian music, cavaquinhos accompany ensembles or make great solo instruments through a variety of Brazilian music styles, particularly in Choro and Samba. If you really catch fire with playing the small Portuguese ukulele, you will probably get a higher quality instrument at some point after buying a simple beginner's model. We are happy to introduce you to a new brand in our assortment which crafts cavacos with expertise and attention to detail. Their instruments come in various versions from simple acoustic just over a hundres € to professional electric with active pick-up. APC stands for Portuguese quality luthier work made in Europe. No matter what version you pick, be assured to buy a high-quality instruments that will last a life time.

Genuine craftsmanship is the secret of APC

APC is a family business from Portugal, which has been building high-quality cavaquinhos and string instruments in all price ranges for decades. Through experience and passion they have achieved what we Brazil music aficionados can only dream of. Selected materials and characteristics are processed into lovely instruments, modern technologies help, but ultimately the secret of their quality remains the craft itself. Each instrument is unique in its own way, starting with the wood grain. Extraordinarily good sound qualities can be found at APC even in the low price segment.

Accoustic beginner's cavaquinho already from only 125 €

It is therefore our pleasure to introduce you to our brand new cavaco selection in the Kalango range:
The BASICO and the PRO are both available as acoustic and electric models. Various warm and rich woods and wood combinations emphasize the qualities that make a string instrument sound particularly brilliant, voluminous and rich in overtones.

The PRO models come with a semi-case, soft lining, backpack straps and pick compartment. Especially in winter, instrument bags for stringed instruments are a must to absorb temperature and humidity differences.

Top notch craftsmanship

What is noticeable at a glance is the workmanship:
No matter whether with the inexpensive Basico acustico or the Pro electrico - the finish is flawless. So if you've been thinking about buying a cavaquinho for some time and you've always been unsure, here's your chance! Made in Europe, sounds like Brazil, quality work from Portuguese luthier tradition.