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80cm Timbals - ByeBye compromise

14" x 80cm Timbals - our new intermediate size. Sounds like a compromise, believe me, it's not! For timbaleiros who don't want to make any sacrifices with sound! Compact with the same diameter, full sound quality with less weight, check it out!

Our new standard sizes in the timbal assortment: 70cm, 80cm and 90cm

If you feel, a 90cm timbals might be too big for you, but the sound of a 70cm timbal does not satisfy you, now is your chance to compromise without compromising: 80 cm full load with authentic 14" diameter. The resonance body is shortened by only 10cm, which makes the instrument more compact, easier to handle and more pleasant to play, but delivers sound just like the big ones.

Sounds amazing? We think so too! From now on we have a broad selection of 80cm Timbals from different brands with matching bag in our assortment. We will have Timbra's special varnishes come in shortly!

Who are 80cm Timbals for?

  • For everybody, for whom the 90cm length is too massive. The resonance body of a 90cm is bigger, but with the diameter being the same and the difference of the shell size is only 10cm, you will hardly hear any differences.
  • For every timbaleiro who plays lots of parades. 80cm Timbals are noticeably more compact, you will appreciate this especially while walking with the drum.
  • For groups that perform dance choreographies in their program. Compact. Compact. Compact. Can't say often enough.
  • For musicians who have to look at space and weight. 10cm sounds little, but can really make a difference in a full boot. 80cm delivers what you need on stage: show effect and top sound!
  • For youth bands: Obviously - saving weight with full sound also benefits young sambistas.
  • For everyone who wants to play authentically: No one will notice visually that your 80cm timbal is slightly shorter than the big originals.

We can think of many more reasons that speak for the 80cm size.
If you are unsure, have questions or would like to ask us something in person, contact us via email or simply give us a call!

We look forward to hearing from you,
Your Kalango Team