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Xequeré gigante - red - Marcos China RIO

Xequeré gigante - red - Marcos China RIO

Marcos China RIO
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Giant handwoven shekeré - gourd shaker Only well grown, evenly stable and nice looking... more

Xequeré gigante - red - Marcos China RIO

item number: A135030
shell: gourd
type: Xequeré
diameter approx.: 27 cm
length approx.: 40 cm
beads: plastic
weight (net): 0,75 kg

Giant handwoven shekeré - gourd shaker

Only well grown, evenly stable and nice looking gourds can be turned into a shekeré. A net with beads woven into it is braided around the hollow gourd and tied up loosely. Shekerés are especially important in Candomblé music, but you will find them also in many other music styles. No matter if played as a time keeper or show effect, a xequeré is musically a great enrichment! The larger the gourd is, the louder the sound will come out as more surface is touched by more beads.
A bottle gourd only grows in a few climate zones where throughout months it needs to be turned over carefully every single day in order to avoid pressure marks and to keep it nice and round. In the end, only very few of the plants are good for being turned into a shekeré. As soon as the gourd is hollowed, cleaned and processed, you will see the beautiful wood grain and texture on its smooth outer body.
There are many different ways of playing the shekeré. You can play sounds not only by using the beads as an effect, but also e.g. by using your flat hand for countermovements from the bottom of  the instrument which will produce a type of resound directly by patting the gourd.

Sharp, penetrating sound, the bead net is adjustable!

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Marcos, nicknamed 'China', lives in Rio. He is a capoeirista, musician and an instrument... more

"Marcos China RIO"


Marcos, nicknamed 'China', lives in Rio. He is a capoeirista, musician and an instrument maker. Marcos used to live in France for many years and was very successful with his Band 'Tupi Nago'.

Back in Rio he started to make Caxixis because he wasn´t able to find any in the quality he wanted. Bit by bit he added other small percussion instruments to his range.


He makes small series of instruments with extraordinary artisanal skills and love to small details. MARCOS CHINA keeps on inventing funny little instruments like the caixa de mesa, the saculegé or a minishaker made of plastic parts of PET bottles.

MARCOS CHINA berimbaus are highly appreciated amongst capoeiristas as well as percussionists.

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