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Xequebalde - Kimura

Xequebalde - Kimura

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Xequebalde - 'shaker bucket' A shaker bucket with rivets - exciting sound elements for... more

Xequebalde - Kimura

Xequebalde - 'shaker bucket'

A shaker bucket with rivets - exciting sound elements for creative minds! Xeque- from the word xequeré and -balde from bucket in Portuguese.
Once again a wonderfully peculiar instrument from Brazil. It used to be an absolute rarity, but nowadays it can be found more often in Pagode sessions and in the set-ups of leading percussionists. The idea is as simple as it is ingenious: instead of putting a bead net over a gourd, loosely moving screws or rivets are used in a simple metal ''bucket'' shell. By moving the shell back and forth, the screws hit the wall and produce a hissing, metallic sound, remotely similar to that of a xequeré, only louder and sharper. Accents can be made on the bucket with the hands. In addition, if you hold the Xequebalde horizontally with one hand from the inside, or place it upside down on a base, you can use the bottom of the bucket as a playing surface. This way the xequebalde practically functions as a rebolo and a xequerés in one instrument. The xequebalde offers a wide range of different possibilities of use and sound.

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Customer reviews for "Xequebalde"

10 Feb 2023
Best Xequebalde that exists on the market.

Xequebalde it's a fantastic tool especially the model created by Kimura that I found here at a great price. Light, practical and with a clear and powerful sound. I recommend it to everybody!

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My name is actually William Varella Fernandes da Silva but I am better known as Kimura... more


My name is actually William Varella Fernandes da Silva but I am better known as Kimura Varella. I was born and raised in Morro da Providência, the first community in Rio de Janeiro, and am Carioca at heart. Today I live in Gamboa, a bohemian neighbourhood that breathes Samba and which is known today as Little Africa because of its rich history. I am a retired dockworker and a great Samba enthusiast. I am a self-taught musician and enjoy playing in various Rodas de Samba in my beloved Rio de Janeiro.

I first heard of the xequebalde more than 10 years ago while playing in a Roda de Samba. That was the first time I saw the instrument. At the time I was playing the pandeiro. I immediately fell in love with the xequebalde and decided to study its construction to try to make one for myself, since it was not easy to find them on the market.

The xequebalde is a combination of a bucket with an already very well known instrument - the xequerê.
All xequebaldes are a 100% handmade by me, in my artisan workshop set up in my own house. All my instruments are made to order. I started with aluminium buckets, which was the material used in the instruments I found on the market. However, over time I found that aluminium wore out quickly, so I decided to replace it with Inox. It was a complete success as this change significantly increased the durability of the instrument. My xequebalde has accompanied me for 6 years now and is still in perfect condition.

Today, with more than 10 years of experience with this instrument in several "rodas de samba" (samba circles) around the world, I can say that I receive sighs of delight and many compliments from all the bystanders when they hear the unique sound of this instrument, of which I am very proud. Making and playing it is a joy for me. Currently, this is the only instrument I make.

As a proud supporter and distributer of small artisan businesses, Kalango says many thanks to Kimura for taking the time for this lovely resumée. 2022

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