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Timbal stand - Pearl

Timbal Ständer Pearl A821000

Timbal stand - Pearl

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weight (net):
5,4 kg

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Timbal stand - telescope-tripod, mobile solution for timbaleiros Especially for stage gigs... more

Timbal stand - Pearl

item number: A821000
instruments: timbal
weight (net): 5,4 kg
MPN PC-900
gtin13 4515295198654

Timbal stand - telescope-tripod, mobile solution for timbaleiros

Especially for stage gigs but just as well for workshops or teaching lessons it is super practical to have a timbal stand for your timbal. Musicians who travel lots for their gigs and only have limited space in their boot will love this foldable model. But also if you like changing instruments a lot, a timbal stand is a relaxed solution. This stand by Pearl is extremely flexible meaning that you can not only fold it up real compact but also all three legs are continuously adjustable in height. Set your favourite playing angle in a few simple steps. The stand is relatively heavy which pays off especially for powerful-playing timbaleiros. Due to its own weight, the stand doesn't 'wander off' during a gig and gains an impressive stability. The timbal sits on the middle part between the legs and is fastened through a little strap. Like this, the shell doesn't get damaged and you will have a maximum of mobility with a great center of gravity. We have tested the stand at several occasions and are very convinced.

  • ideal for timbal sizes 70cm, 80cm and 90cm height
  • playing height can be continuously adjusted
  • playing angle can be adjusted via the tripod
  • small transportation pack size
  • high stage stabilty

In Salvador da Bahia's traditional blocos, the timbal has a special position - it plays the intro, sets the pace and introduces the bloco to the piece. The bloco's showband (banda) plays mostly on stages and uses exactly this type of stand for their timbals.

Please note:
Depending on the surface of your timbal and last but not least also on your playing style, abrasion on the shell and/or the stand might occur.

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Customer reviews for "Timbal stand"

25 Jun 2021
Best Timbal stand on the market today, from a trusted brand in drum hardware, Pearl

Much more stable and secure than alternatives, and once you get it set to your liking, minor adjustments for each situation are easy and quick. Really well-made and built to last. I wasn't convinced it was really by Pearl as it doesn't show up in their catalogue, but sure enough when it arrived, it had the familiar logo and other identifiers. Pearl is my favourite brand for kick and hi-hat pedals and other drum hardware such as cymbal stands; the easiest to adjust and the most robust. So I had a lot of faith that this would be the best timbal stand available.

28 Nov 2020
Damaged my timbal. I deeply

Damaged my timbal. I deeply regret buying it. I do not recommend.

Answer by Kalango

Dear customer, we regret hearing that your timbal has suffered a damage. Naturally, every stand causes pressure on the shell of the timbal and may provoce scratches or - depending on the playing style - even small deformations of the timbal body. However, the Pearl stand is a very popular model and we are very surprised to hear about your experience. Our customer service will reach out to you to analyse what happened.

2 Jun 2019

Sehr gut und vor allem stabiler Ständer

28 May 2019

Deze standaard is echt fijn Stevig en ook voor djembe te gebruiken Goed instelbaar en stevig Wel zwaar om mee te sjouwen.

8 Jan 2019

Schöner stabiler Ständer, ist etwas schwer, dafür wandert er nicht durch den Proberaum. Höhenverstellbar und neigbar für jeden Spieler in meiner Gruppe

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