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B-STOCK | Surdo light 18'' x 50cm - aluminium - HW black DEAL - Gope

B-STOCK | Surdo light 18'' x 50cm - aluminium - HW black DEAL - Gope

Item number
weight (net):
4,8 kg

in stock

RRP 205,00 * 164,00 *

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in stock

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Total price: €240.00 *

Surdo light, practical 50cm intermediate size for all styles 18" x 50cm, aluminium - black... more

B-STOCK | Surdo light 18'' x 50cm - aluminium - HW black DEAL - Gope

item number: A373013
head: Nylon
finish: matt
diameter: 18''
height: medium height
shell: aluminium
hardware: black
height of shell: 50 cm
total height: 52 cm
tension rods: 8
length of rods: 51 cm
weight (net): 4,8 kg

Surdo light, practical 50cm intermediate size for all styles 18" x 50cm, aluminium - black hardware

Be kind to your back - get a lightweight surdo! A half-height surdo 10cm shorter than the 60cm standard surdos - how would you even notice that? Believe us - you will. Sound-wise, there won't be much of difference. For Samba de Enredo fans, a few hundred grams are often a great relief, especially if you are out walking long parades or putting in long rehearsal hours. And maybe the surdo will now fit better in your car or the storage in your rehearsal space Not to mention how just a little less weight will feel when you got your surdo in a bag on your back riding a bike to rehearsal. Besides, you will thank the god of Samba no later than at your next 4-hour carnival parade for not carrying the same 6kg steel sheet model your band mate has.

The light line surdos from Gope are built with lightweight hardware components and thin aluminium sheet. Musically speaking, you could also call them compact surdos. Once you have tried them, you will never let them go again. The design principle is quite clear: save weight without sacrificing sound. If you do a lot of parades, dance choreographies or if you simply don't like to carry a heavy surdo, then an intermediate size model is a worthwhile idea.

The lugs, the rim and flat rim elements are all of lightweight construction, the tension hoops are slim and light. The shell is welded at the seam, which gives the body a higher vibration component in the sound, as the shell is not interrupted by a folded seam.

Gope surdos come with thin P2 heads from the factory. Especially for larger sizes or if you don't like overtones, we recommend getting a thicker superior head to play on (P3 or any double-layered). Take your time when tuning and breaking the drum in, so that the heads can stretch well and settle on the rim of the shell. This way you will get the best sound out of your surdo.

What does B-stock mean?

B-Stock articles are products that have been used, for example, as display items, that have been demonstrated at an occasion and therefore show slight signs of use, or that have marks or slight defects due to the transport from Brazil to Europe, as well as return shipments. The defects are always minor, i.e. they have no influence on the playability, general function or the sound of the instruments. Slight defects are e.g. scratches or fingerprints, small dents, discolorations or slight traces of use. There might not be original packaging for B-stock articles, in this case we will provide adecuate and sufficient transport protection. With the purchase of any B-stock item you have the full right for warranty as well as the right to cancel and return.

Please find further information about B-stock articles in our FAQ.

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GOPE is a family-run business from the area around São Paulo. Today the company is... more



GOPE is a family-run business from the area around São Paulo. Today the company is being run in its third generation by the grand daughter of the firm´s founder.

The brand GOPE has been producing drums and smallpercussion instruments for over 50 years now. When the company was founded, there was already a small workshop in which drumsets were manufactured.

In 1962, the production of the typical Samba instruments began, iniciated by Humberto Rodella, the son of the founder. The company kept growing and after several relocations in São Paulo, GOPE finally found the right place for building a large production hall in Embu Guaçu, a suburb of São Paulo.

gope-expoSince then GOPE produces in Embu Guaçu everything from the Agogô to the Zabumba, a wide range of percussion instruments, and only recently also various wind instruments.

GOPE has always kept in close touch with the musicians. The ideas and proposals for modifications that they received from many of those contacts, have always had much influence in the development of new instruments and improvement of production.

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