The agogo bells are the classical time keepers in many different rhythm ensembles.
Whether as part of a samba or a candomble, the agogo bells provide the basic rhythmical structure creating a clear, metallic contrast to the various drum sounds.

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Mestre Negao Agogo Castanha A162100 Agogo Castanha
Mestre Negao

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Marcos China RIO Agogo Castanha A131020 Agogo Castanha
Marcos China RIO

available again from 22 May 2019

€38.00 *
Barravento Agogo A501120 Agogo Bahia, small

temporarily out of stock

€26.00 *
Barravento Agogo Bahia - large A501121 Agogo Bahia - large

temporarily out of stock

€38.00 *
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