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Rocar - 30 jingles galvanised sheet - Gope

Rocar - 30 Zinkblech Schellen Gope A371460

Rocar - 30 jingles galvanised sheet - Gope

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weight (net):
0,75 kg

available from 9 August 2024

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Chocalho / Rocar with aluminium frame - 30 pairs of galvanised steel sheet (60 individual... more

Rocar - 30 jingles galvanised sheet - Gope

item number: A371460
construction: frame
jingles: zinc sheet
amount jingles: 30 pairs
length: 46 cm
width: 14 cm
weight (net): 0,75 kg
gtin13 7898202079121

Chocalho / Rocar with aluminium frame - 30 pairs of galvanised steel sheet (60 individual platelets)

Original Rio sound! Jingles made of galvanised steel sheet are perfect if the authentic Brazilian sound is important to you. Chocalhos are an relevant musical compontent which cannot miss in any Rio style Samba bateria. Their frequency contribute to a balanced soundscape and add to the stability of the rhythm group with their swing and function as a timekeeper. Their tinkling sound (or also 'white sound') is the musical counterpart to the bass of the surdos and the mids of the repiniques. The aluminium frame has two lateral handles which some sambistas like to wrap with some fabric for more comfort when playing especially during longer sessions. Steelsheet jingles are known for their pure, slightly 'dirty' sound which warms any sambista's heart. Super sound but dirty fingers, as the steel sheet does rub off when playing.

Size info for chocalho bags:
This model is a few cm too long for our standard chocalho bag. If you want a bag with this chocalho, use the longer modell for wood stick chocalhos art.n°. TAK56

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Customer reviews for "Rocar - 30 jingles galvanised sheet"

25 Jan 2024
Perfekt für Anfängerinnen

Ich habe für unsere Sambaband 2 und für mich für zu Hause 1 Rocar bestellt. Da wir alle auf diesem Instrument Anfängerinnen sind, ist es schön, dass sie so leicht sind - und trotzdem laut genug. Wir sind sehr zufrieden.

30 Jun 2017

Alles Super. Gerne wieder.

21 Dec 2016

Schöner Schellenklang. Brasilianisches rustikales Finish.

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GOPE is a family-run business from the area around São Paulo. Today the company is... more



GOPE is a family-run business from the area around São Paulo. Today the company is being run in its third generation by the grand daughter of the firm´s founder.

The brand GOPE has been producing drums and smallpercussion instruments for over 50 years now. When the company was founded, there was already a small workshop in which drumsets were manufactured.

In 1962, the production of the typical Samba instruments began, iniciated by Humberto Rodella, the son of the founder. The company kept growing and after several relocations in São Paulo, GOPE finally found the right place for building a large production hall in Embu Guaçu, a suburb of São Paulo.

gope-expoSince then GOPE produces in Embu Guaçu everything from the Agogô to the Zabumba, a wide range of percussion instruments, and only recently also various wind instruments.

GOPE has always kept in close touch with the musicians. The ideas and proposals for modifications that they received from many of those contacts, have always had much influence in the development of new instruments and improvement of production.

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