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Rebolo 12" - wood - Contemporânea

Rebolo 12" - wood Contemporânea A341701
Preview: Rebolo 12" - wood Video Video

Rebolo 12" - wood - Contemporânea

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3 kg

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Rebolo 12'' - Holz
Tasche 12''x45 cm Repinique - Rebolo backpack
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Rebolo 12" - wood
- Contemporânea -   €185.00 *
A Pagode classic 12" wood Rebolo with kornino head for warm, soft-sounding yet powerful... more

Rebolo 12" - wood - Contemporânea

item number: A341701
material: wood
finish: clear paint
shape: cylindrical
head: korino
lugs: 6
total height: 45 cm
weight (net): 3 kg

A Pagode classic

12" wood Rebolo with kornino head for warm, soft-sounding yet powerful basses. Shell made of laminated wood with clear varnish. A double-layered korino head provides the typical rich and bassy sound which makes it ideal to accompany smaller percussion ensembles at a Pagode, on the beach, in a pub or on stage. The head supporting inner rim is neatly edged, the comfort rim is made of stainless steel, the tension hooks are chrome-plated. Extra metal plates on the inside of the shell serve as counter bearings. The bottom rim is covered with a protective inox ring which finishes off the wood edge and keeps the instrument dry and clean. 

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Customer reviews for "Rebolo 12" - wood"

10 Jan 2019

Wow, was für ein schöner, satter Sound

Und dazu kommt noch, dass die Rebolo sehr angenehm zu spielen ist, weil der Spannring deutlich tiefer liegt als das Fell - so riskiert man nicht einmal blaue Flecken an den Händen.

7 Aug 2017

Bellissimo rebolo con fantastico suono ,molto bello da vedere

10 Apr 2017

Absolutely over the Moon with this product

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CONTEMPORÂNEA in Brazil This brand has a long tradition and good reputation in... more




This brand has a long tradition and good reputation in Brazil. Intensive contact to the musicians has always been an important part of their business strategy. They not only sell instruments, but mainly live their music. Every Saturday morning, many musicians meet up in CONTEMPORÂNEA´S music shop in the historic center of São Paulo. In a special back room, musicians of every age play Choro. The pagodeiros meet up in front of the shop for playing their sessions. Many of São Paulo´s smaller and larger Samba schools play CONTEMPORÂNEA instruments.


Also in Europe CONTEMPORÂNEA is a popular brand which you sometimes even find in drum- and percussion shops that don´t have so much to do with Samba.



The instruments of the LIGHT line are made of matt aluminium. Kept in a simple design and not being polished, the LIGHT line can be offered at a lower price and without suffering quality loss in terms of sound or durability. The robust PRO line is made of polished aluminium or wood.

Compared to other brands that also use aluminium for building instruments, CONTEMPORÂNEA instruments made from aluminium stand out by being built of thicker material which provides a massive sound to repinique, caixa and surdo, but therefore also a higher weight.

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