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Pandeiro 11'' Seleção - Fabiano Raposa

Pandeiro 11'' Seleção Fabiano Raposa A621006

Pandeiro 11'' Seleção - Fabiano Raposa

Fabiano Raposa
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Handmade ultralight 11" pandeiro, Fabiano Raposa / Atelier de Percussão Beautifully made and... more

Pandeiro 11'' Seleção - Fabiano Raposa

item number: A621006
diameter: 11''
making: handmade
frame: wood
head: goatskin head, selected hide head
weight (net): 0,45 kg

Handmade ultralight 11" pandeiro, Fabiano Raposa / Atelier de Percussão

Beautifully made and lightweight artisan pandeiro from South Brazil. The Seleção model from the workshop of Osvaldo, who continues to build Fabiano Raposa's pandeiros under the name of his Atelier de Percussão, is exceptional both visually and in terms of sound! A special feature of this maker is the frame, which is extremely slender, ultra-light and shaped from fine woods. The Seleção has hand-hammered, strongly domed brass jingles with a particularly precise, almost delicate sound. Each pair of jingles is fitted with a small center plate. Carefully selected goatskins are a further sound as well as visual eye-catcher. The flatrim is chrome-plated. Pandeiros with flatrims are allow for an extremely lightweight construction, as the skin is not pressed into an additional metal ring, but wrapped around no more than a thin wire. wich saves significant weight. In addition, pandeiros with flatrim construction are comfortable to hold and play because the rim doesn't overlap. The flat metal feels nice in the hand and also looks pretty. As with all hide head pandeiros, it is important to allow time for the rim to settle and for the sound character to develop fully.

Another special feature: The holding brackets are slipped on to the edge of the frame from below, so the frame does not have to be injured by drilling holes in order to fix the brackets in place.
A handmade high-end light pandeiro with a bright, well-balanced jingle sound and wonderful workmanship!

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In the beautiful south of Brazil, Osvaldo, a young luthier, continues the life's work of Fabiano... more

"Fabiano Raposa"

In the beautiful south of Brazil, Osvaldo, a young luthier, continues the life's work of Fabiano Raposa in his Atelier de Percussão. For decades, the handmade Raposa pandeiros were among the top pandeiro models. Made with great attention to detail individually in a small workshop to the highest quality. Exemplary craftsmanship! Osvaldo is also a pandeirista himself, so he knows exactly what it takes to make a pandeiro in this category.

You can tell right away that the pandeiros have been made with the greatest care and an extraordinary eye for detail. Precious woods are used for the frames of the instruments, which help to shape the later sound characteristics of the pandeiros. The choice of skins is also made according to strict criteria, ensuring that the instruments have a subtle and clear sound.

Raposa's basic idea thus lives on in Osvaldo's studio: playing with high-quality and beautiful instruments is simply much more fun and it is also easier to make good music. The brand of the instruments remains Fabiano Raposa's heritage. Anyone who watches Osvaldo at work will quickly realise that he is the right person to step in Raposa's shoes.

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