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Malacacheta 12" x 20 cm - aluminium - Izzo

Malacacheta 12" x 20 cm - aluminium - Izzo

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2,3 kg

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Malacacheta 12'' x 20 cm - Aluminium
Caixa Sticks MA - American Hickory
Caixa Tasche 12'' x 20 cm
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Caixa sticks MA - American Hickory
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Caixa bag 12'' x 20 cm
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Malacacheta 12'' x 20 cm Samba Caixa for Samba de Enredo / Rio Style Batucadas Caixa with... more

Malacacheta 12" x 20 cm - aluminium - Izzo

item number: A321010
style: Rio batucada
diameter: 12''
shell: aluminium
hardware: chrome
stringing: strings
head: Nylon
height of shell: 20 cm
tension rods: 6
length of rods: 23 cm
finish: matt
weight (net): 2,3 kg
gtin13 7899574303029

Malacacheta 12'' x 20 cm Samba Caixa for Samba de Enredo / Rio Style Batucadas

Caixa with strings and a medium thick aluminium shell for fat sounds at a weight of only 2.3kg. Suitable for playing 'emcima' or half high, if you prefer to play Mangueira-style (down position), you can of course do that too. As usual good value for money from Izzo.

The Caixa de Guerra is the typical Rio style snare drum you can see in every Samba school. The Caixa de Guerra with high shell is called Malacacheta. It is mainly played 'em cima' (up position) sitting on top of or under the left arm. Well made Caixa, with matt brushed aluminium shell and chromed hardware. Three pairs of strings instead of the usual two provide voluminous and dry sound typical for Rio style Samba.
Popular group- and school instrument!

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Customer reviews for "Malacacheta 12" x 20 cm - aluminium"

29 Nov 2016

Gefällt mir gut, auf den ersten Blick und das erste Anspielen.

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High-quality instruments for Rio Samba and Samba Reggae, which are especially popular... more



High-quality instruments for Rio Samba and Samba Reggae, which are especially popular and proven in schools! For quite some years now, instrument builder IZZO remains among the top brands of Brazilian Samba percussios. It has been a while that IZZO instruments from São Paulo were rather simple percussion instruments which were very popular in Brazil due to their good price range.
Then they began to constantly increase their standard of Samba instruments until they reached a top-class level. By now they have become a serious manufacturer with a wide range of very well manufactured instruments which are known throughout the international market.


IZZO achieved a special coup when in 2010 they lanced their top brand TIMBRA. TIMBRA instruments were developed in close cooperation with renowned percussionists. The objective was to create convincing series of instruments with great sound, optically outstanding and adecuate for stage gigs. Especially the timbals, made of either wood or aluminium, set new standards with their 16 tuning hooks, extraordinary design and spectacular sound.

Today IZZO is completely in the league of the old-established traditional brands of Samba instruments.

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