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Ear protection Thunderplugs - Thunderplugs

Ear protection Thunderplugs Thunderplugs A526511

Ear protection Thunderplugs - Thunderplugs

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High quality ear protection plugs with key ring aluminium box - THUNDERPLUGS Be kind to... more

Ear protection Thunderplugs - Thunderplugs

item number: A526511
filter: medium
weight (net): 0,1 kg
gtin13 8717953085900

High quality ear protection plugs with key ring aluminium box - THUNDERPLUGS

Be kind to your ears! Percussion is a lot louder than you think and your ears will be grateful for professional protection when you play. The soft fir tree-shaped earplugs are for any sizes of ears and really comfortable to wear. They are easy to insert, adapt perfectly to your auditory canal and protect your inner ear from loud noises. Keep them in the practical aluminium key ring box so you always have them with you and can´t lose them.

Frequency/hz: 63 125 250 500 1000 2000 4000 8000
Medium attenuation/db: 10,6 11,9 14,3 16,5 21,2 26,8 27,9 29,3
Standard deviation/db: 4,4 3,6 3,2 2,7 3,4 3,9 6,6 6,6
Apv-value/db: 6,2 11,1 13,8 17,8 22,9 21,3 22,7

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Customer reviews for "Ear protection Thunderplugs"

28 Jan 2020
Bought for a friend -

Bought for a friend - she uses them all the time so she seems happy

2 Nov 2018

Bon produit pour les prestas en l’extérieur mais insuffisant pour les répètes en intérieur.

27 Feb 2018

Passen sich nicht so gut dem Gehörgang an wie erwartet, beim Samba trommeln gefühlt nicht genügend geschützt.Schwierig aus der mitgelieferten kleinen Dose raus zu bekommen

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