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DVD 'In the heart of Rio's baterias' - KALANGO

DVD "In the heart of Rio`s baterias" DEAL! KALANGO A807810

DVD 'In the heart of Rio's baterias' - KALANGO

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Documentary film and book - a must have for Samba groups language: French with English... more

DVD 'In the heart of Rio's baterias' - KALANGO

item number: A807810
available as: book & DVD
content: Samba Batucada / Enredo
for instruments: bateria instruments
weight (net): 0,11 kg

Documentary film and book - a must have for Samba groups

language: French with English subtitles

An absolutely unique film and a MUST for every Samba group! The documentary part of the film shows the Carneval Parade in 2001 in the Sambadromo and the rehearsing work of several Samba schools. The author Jean-Christophe Jacquin, born in 1966, is recognized today as one of the best French sambistas. He studied Samba percussion with Nicia Riba d'Avila, the musicologist who initiated the samba movement in France. Director of the bateria with the Zum Zum group and art director for the Bate Bombo bateria, he also directed 300 percussionists during the Latitude Brasil Festival at La Villette in Paris to commemorate Brazil's 500 years of existence. Director of the Jussieu University Samba school, he also holds workshops at La Cité de la Musique, Paris. His teaching method is based on a know-how inherited from an oral tradition. Jean-Christophe Jacquin has participated in Rio's Carnival since 1990, with the following schools and their baterias: Arranco, Portela and Imperatriz Leopoldinense. The educational film is in French with English subtitles. Jean-Christophe Jacquin presents the phrasings and techniques of percussion played by the baterias in the Escolas de Samba during the Rio carnival parade. The instruments shown are surdos, caixas, repiniques, tamborins, agogos, chocalhos, all of which shown in detail. Each instrument is played alone, at a normal tempo, in slow motion and polyrhythmically with the rest of the orchestra.

The documentary film (Englisch and French):
The documentary is a film by Bruno Ginestet, Jean-Christophe Jacquin, Philippe Nasse and Klaus Blasquiz and shows the inner life of a bateria. The film was shot during the 2001 carnival in Rio, during bateria rehearsals at the quadras of Imperatriz, Mangueira, Portela and Viradouro schools. The preparations for the carnival, the visit to a workshop making percussion instruments and the parade in the Sambodrome - the heart of the baterias - let us be part of the energy imparted by hundreds of percussionists for one of the greatest musical shows on earth.

The enclosed booklet (Englisch and French):
A 64 page booklet accompanies the method and includes the scores for the themes used in the video. Phrasings, variations, tamborim and polyrhythmic arrangements are provided. The history, a glossary and several colour photos complete the edition.

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Under the name our own brand Kalango we offer various accessories, but also instruments and... more


Under the name our own brand Kalango we offer various accessories, but also instruments and custom-made products, which we develop and produce either ourselves or which are made by different manufacturers according to our ideas and conceptions. These include our custom heads with band logo print, a wide range of bags, straps, surdo stands and a selection of hand welded agogôs with 2 or 4 bells and different designs.

For more than 30 years we have been musicians ourselves and incorporate into our products all the experience, ideas and quality expectations we have gained over the years by playing, being in contact with active musicians from authentic scenes or simply by using ideas we pick up during our travels.

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