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Cuica 8'' x 25cm aluminium - Gope

Cuica 8'' x 25cm aluminium - Gope

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1,7 kg

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8" compact cuica - small and light-weight for all levels 8" cuicas the most versatile size.... more

Cuica 8'' x 25cm aluminium - Gope

item number: A371724
diameter: 8''
shell: aluminium
total height: 27 cm
material rods: galvanised
length of rods: 21 cm
tension rods: 8
rim: black
finish: brushed / matt
weight (net): 1,7 kg
gtin13 7898412080214

8" compact cuica - small and light-weight for all levels

8" cuicas the most versatile size. You can take them on travels as they will easily fit in your hand luggage; they sound great in a bateria just as in a small roda de samba and are for beginners as for advanced players. Gope is known for its ultra-light way of building instruments, if you are looking for a compact, well-made and light instrument in the middle price range, this cuica should be just what you are looking for. You might want to sand down the bambu a little bit as it comes quite thick from the factory. A thinner stick will respond easier and transport more vibration to the skin, it is then easier to produce a good tone but of course a thinner stick is more fragile than a thicker one.
Who does not appreciate a cuica in a bateria - the small 'hum pot' contributes with a multitude of peculiar and funny tones like singing, squeaking, wining, sighing and happy sounds to any bateria, small Samba ensemble or Pagode band. Producer Gope from the São Paulo area in Brazil builds this solid model with an aluminium shell and chromed tension rods. The hoop is black and the hide head uses an aluminium frame. The shell is welded - typical for all Gope instrument. A welded shell has a different vibration character as the instrument body is able to transfer tones with a higher content of shell sound.

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GOPE is a family-run business from the area around São Paulo. Today the company is... more



GOPE is a family-run business from the area around São Paulo. Today the company is being run in its third generation by the grand daughter of the firm´s founder.

The brand GOPE has been producing drums and smallpercussion instruments for over 50 years now. When the company was founded, there was already a small workshop in which drumsets were manufactured.

In 1962, the production of the typical Samba instruments began, iniciated by Humberto Rodella, the son of the founder. The company kept growing and after several relocations in São Paulo, GOPE finally found the right place for building a large production hall in Embu Guaçu, a suburb of São Paulo.

gope-expoSince then GOPE produces in Embu Guaçu everything from the Agogô to the Zabumba, a wide range of percussion instruments, and only recently also various wind instruments.

GOPE has always kept in close touch with the musicians. The ideas and proposals for modifications that they received from many of those contacts, have always had much influence in the development of new instruments and improvement of production.

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