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Write us your Samba events!

What´s up? Samba in your city, in your country, all over Europe!
Samba events 2015 - it´s one Sambaworld!

Let´s get European Samba together! On our Samba event calendar you can announce your Samba events 2015!

You are organizing a larger festival, a public workshop or a special event for Samba or other Brazilian music?

Write us a short résumé of your event:

  • ca 5-10 lines of what´s-it-about-text
  • Where does the event take place?
  • When does the event happen?
  • How much does it cost to take part?
  • Webadress if available
  • Contact information for interested sambistas
  • 2-4 photos in good quality

Put all that in an email and send to:

We´re looking forward to a great Samba year with you!

E-mail us your dates and informations, we´ll publish them on our event board!


Please note that we cannot publish invitations for small local parties or private concerts.