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Tambor Mineiro or Tambor de Minas - this is the name of the music and rhythms that are played in the streets of Minas Gerais.
Tambor Mineiro is traditionally played at the parades of the congadas in this region. A congada is the denomination for a group, the music style as well as the event as such at which the traditional rhythms, songs and dances from the mountain region of the Brazilian federal state of Minas Gerais is performed.
Since the Tambor Mineiro has never had much influence on the Brazilian popular music, this rich culture outside Minas Gerais has remained largely unknown. And yet, the Tambor Mineiro stands for an ancient religious tradition in which, over the centuries, African roots have been mixed with Catholic content and transformed into something new.

Like the Maracatus from Pernambuco, the Congadas usually play at religious occasions, sing in colorful costumes and sing and drum through the streets. Tambor Mineiro is played on the Caixa de Folia, a drum very similar to the Alfaia, and the Patangome, a round, metal-filled shaker and on gungas - small metal rattles, which are tied to the ankles of the dancers while creating hypnotic rhythms with complex strides.
On the basis of a sponsorship by the Brazilian State, Tizumba can travel with his current show band and will be on stage of the Samba syndrome with his ensemble on Friday evening.
Mauricio Tizumba is a charismatic artist, actor, dancer and musician from Belo Horizonte. He will be traveling to Germany especially for this workshop! If you are up for a less well-known Brazilan music style and would like to take part in a relaxed workshop, please feel free to sign up and join us!

Fr, 22.9. 2017 11-18 h
Sat, 23.9.2017 10-18 h
Samba Echo:
Sun, 24.9.2017 11-14 h

WHERE: Samba Syndrom at FEZ Berlin (Wuhlheide), Germany