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Soon online: many new designs, colours and instruments fresh from Brazil - Samba Percussion, Samba guitars, producer news and new ideas - what's new this season, on which festivals can you meet us, and why is it that a wood guitar maker all the sudden builds the perfect Samba drums?

Finally some sun and maybe a summer soon.. - time for some Samba news!
Check out our spring-/summer updates for you!


  • Gope is coming up with quite a few interesting and new products in their assortment, amongst others pandeiros, rebolos, timbals, agogos and many more - online in june!
  • Rozini: For those of you who love Brazilian traditional music and for the aficionados of sting instruments - we are getting a new 7-string guitar (violão de 7 cordas) by Rozini in which we will present shortly.
  • Ivsom: New rio beater (mallets) for marcação surdos and surdo de terceira in many different colours, and finally and after having so many of you ask for - also in black! ;)
  • Rozini percussão: What does a company do, who has extremely successfully built wooden string instruments for many decades and has specialised in top-class production - exactly: they build more instruments of wood! We are really excited about their new percussion line! Rozini is an old-established and traditional luthier company who has managed to transfer its very special relation to wood to another kind of instruments - and we are so looking forward to this: Rozini percussion soon online in our shop!
  • Kalango at festivals: let the party begin - and we'll be right in the middle of it! At the following festivals you can come and see us at our mobile stall with Samba instruments and accessories - come and visit, ask us what you always wanted to know about Samba and try something new!


11./12. of june 2016 Sambanale in Badbergen, Germany
2. of july 2016 +K-Samba festival in Mallorca, Spain
8.-10. of july 2016 at the international Samba festival in Coburg
19.-21 of august, Cultura do Brasil Rietberg, Germany (planned)
22.-25. of september 2016 at the Samba Syndrom Berlin, Germany

We are looking forward to the summer season with all of you!
Your Kalango Team

Photo: courtesy of Haraldo da Cuica