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Caxixi - rattan, large - Marcos China RIO

Caxixi gro Marcos China RIO A133012
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Caxixi - rattan, large - Marcos China RIO

Marcos China RIO
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0,3 kg

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Rattan caxixi, large Belongs in every basic capoeirista equipment: a classical rattan... more

Caxixi - rattan, large - Marcos China RIO

item number: A133012
color: natural
diameter approx.: 13,0 cm
material: rattan
height approx.: 24,0 cm
weight (net): 0,3 kg

Not one like the other:
This item comes from a small craft workshop and is handmade. Since the production is focused on good sound, the size and weight specifications may differ slightly from the values indicated. We found that these characteristics enhance the handcrafted character and charisma of this instrument.

Rattan caxixi, large

Belongs in every basic capoeirista equipment: a classical rattan caxixi. The bottom part is a carved and sanded gourd piece, plant seeds are used as filling. A pretty, authentic and well made instrument! Caxixis made of rattan have a pleasant and soft sound. This one has a really nice contrast between both sound qualities - the floor piece and the basketwork. It's also a handy size for rhythm training in groups, as an effect in your band or in the studio!

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Customer reviews for "Caxixi - rattan, large"

5 Nov 2019
Je suis très déçue, les

Je suis très déçue, les cachichis ne ressemblent en rien à ceux que j’ai commandé, ni par la forme, ni par la taille , ni par le poids. J’ai commandé 2 grands cachichis de 24 cm de 300g et je me retrouve avec des 20cm de 150g ???????

Answer by Kalango

Merci de votre commentaires. La taille est clairement indiquée par 'environ' car il s'agit d'un instrument fait à la main et non d'un instrument industriel. En fonction du volume de remplissage, de l'épaisseur du rotin et de la grosseur de la base, les caractéristiques de ce type d'instrument varient naturellement. Pour des raisons logistiques, nous devons toutefois donner des dimensions et des poids approximatifs sur la base d'une valeur moyenne. Marcos China se spécialise dans l'obtention du meilleur son de ses instruments. Si vous n'aimez pas le son ou si vous n'êtes pas satisfait de l'instrument, veuillez nous contacter pour les détails de retour.

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Marcos, nicknamed 'China', lives in Rio. He is a capoeirista, musician and an instrument... more

"Marcos China RIO"


Marcos, nicknamed 'China', lives in Rio. He is a capoeirista, musician and an instrument maker. Marcos used to live in France for many years and was very successful with his Band 'Tupi Nago'.

Back in Rio he started to make Caxixis because he wasn´t able to find any in the quality he wanted. Bit by bit he added other small percussion instruments to his range.


He makes small series of instruments with extraordinary artisanal skills and love to small details. MARCOS CHINA keeps on inventing funny little instruments like the caixa de mesa, the saculegé or a minishaker made of plastic parts of PET bottles.

MARCOS CHINA berimbaus are highly appreciated amongst capoeiristas as well as percussionists.

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