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Caixa 14'' x 15 cm - aluminium - Gope

Caixa 14'' x 15 cm - aluminium - Gope

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1,9 kg

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Light-weight Samba Reggae caixa 14'' x 15 cm - aluminium Typical Bahia! 14" is the classical... more

Caixa 14'' x 15 cm - aluminium - Gope

item number: A371502
style: Samba Reggae
diameter: 14"
shell: aluminium
hardware: black hoops
stringing: snare wires
head: nylon / resonance head
height of shell: 15 cm
tension rods: 6
length of rods: 16,5 cm
finish: brushed / matt
weight (net): 1,9 kg
gtin13 7898202072504
Light-weight Samba Reggae caixa 14'' x 15 cm - aluminium

Typical Bahia! 14" is the classical snare size for Samba Reggae and Afro Samba caixas. This one is extremely light! It has a shell made of brushed aluminium and 12-spiral snare wires. The hardware is painted black, the lugs are chromed. The seam of the body is welded. Welded shells produce a higher and more audible part of shell sound than e.g. grooved shells as their shell vibrates better. Gope has applied its light-weight construction which is very successful amongst its surdos. Especially the brackets are weight-saving slim but yet sturdy. Check out the difference - the caixa only weighs 1,9 kg!

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Customer reviews for "Caixa 14'' x 15 cm - aluminium"

28 Jul 2020
Laut - satt - und preiswert

Sehr satter lauter Klang.

Die Verarbeitung dieses Instruments würde ich mit "gut" bewerten. Der Snareteppich könnte m.E. etwas höherwertig sein, denn er hat nur sehr wenige Spiralen und schnarrt dadurch nicht so intensiv.

Ich habe bisher mit einer flachen 14*3,5" Caixa in unserer Batucada gespielt. Leider ist das Model mit den Maßen 14*3,5" bisher in Deutschland nur schwer bis gar nicht zu bekommen

Dieses Model hier von GOPE besitzt einen höheren und dadurch voluminöseren Kessel, und klingt insgesamt durch den Kessel deutlich lauter - aber auch dunkler. Mal sehen wie sich das auf Dauer im Ensemble abstimmen lässt.

Insgesamt bin ich - und meine Samba Kollegen - vom Klang sehr angetan. Man muss sich halt drauf einstellen dass der Klang im Vergleich zu einer flacheren Caixa schon deutlich abweicht.

25 Dec 2016

Wie Immer eine gute Qualität.

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GOPE is a family-run business from the area around São Paulo. Today the company is... more



GOPE is a family-run business from the area around São Paulo. Today the company is being run in its third generation by the grand daughter of the firm´s founder.

The brand GOPE has been producing drums and smallpercussion instruments for over 50 years now. When the company was founded, there was already a small workshop in which drumsets were manufactured.

In 1962, the production of the typical Samba instruments began, iniciated by Humberto Rodella, the son of the founder. The company kept growing and after several relocations in São Paulo, GOPE finally found the right place for building a large production hall in Embu Guaçu, a suburb of São Paulo.

gope-expoSince then GOPE produces in Embu Guaçu everything from the Agogô to the Zabumba, a wide range of percussion instruments, and only recently also various wind instruments.

GOPE has always kept in close touch with the musicians. The ideas and proposals for modifications that they received from many of those contacts, have always had much influence in the development of new instruments and improvement of production.

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