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Buriti is a brand from Lisbon, Portugal that manufactures handmade percussion instruments. The brand's name is inspired by the Buriti palm tree native to the central and northern regions of South America, and is also the name of a region within the Brazilian state of São Paulo where the brand's founder, Fabricio Soares, is from.

Buriti has made it its mission not only to build Brazilian percussion instruments, but also to tailor them to the different needs of drummers and percussionists in Portugal and Europe. Quality, reliability and fair prices are just some of the characteristics of their beautifully handcrafted instruments.

Their vision is to achieve recognition for high quality instrument making by equipping their product range with unique features, loving details and authentic sounds and to present their work with and through a team of professional musicians.


Buriti also has a number of values that we particularly enjoy including into our range: Commitment, dedication, teamwork, innovation, quality, ethics and respect as well as the preservation of the Brazilian percussive culture are also priorities to Buriti.

Buriti Percussion has a team of musicians and drummers spread across Europe. Like a family united by the sounds and magic of Brazilian percussion. Buriti's ambassadors represent Brazil's cultural diversity from Recife to Berlin, from Rondônia to Lisbon, from Minas Gerais to Switzerland, preserving and spreading their love for music by also referring to the tradition and roots of this culture.

Products from Buriti

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Alfaia Bumbo Maracatu Oak Alfaia Bumbo Maracatu Oak

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RRP €357.00 * From €306.00 *
Alfaia Bumbo Maracatu Iroko Alfaia Bumbo Maracatu Iroko

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RRP €315.00 * From €270.00 *
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