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Alpine MusicSafe PRO - Alpine

Alpine MusicSafe PRO - Alpine

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0,05 kg

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Ear plugs hearing protection with MusicSafe PRO filter system - MODEL 2019 Hearing... more

Alpine MusicSafe PRO - Alpine

item number: A542014
filter: high, low, medium
weight (net): 0,05 kg

Ear plugs hearing protection with MusicSafe PRO filter system - MODEL 2019

Hearing protection with special, replaceable, music-optimised filters.
3 earplugs including 3 different exchangeable filter sets (high-, medium- & low protection), holder strap chord, travelbox & Alpine cleaning spray.

Ear plug colour: black or transparent
SNR (attenuation): 16 dB / 22 dB
gold - 22 dB (high)
silver - 19 dB (medium)
white - 16 dB (low)

MusicSafe has been the leading product in the field of music-optimized standard hearing protection for years. It has been awarded by the German consumer protection Stiftung Warentest and, thanks to its linear filter system, can compete with much more expensive products made to measure by hearing aid acousticians. The soft and adjustable lamellas fit gently into the auditory canal. Depending on requirements, one of three filter types (low, medium or high protection) can be inserted into the shaft of the MusicSafe Pro ear plug to ensure full music enjoyment over the entire frequency spectrum.

Be kind to your ears, good hearing protection is an invaluable investment for percussionists, sambistas and drummers in preserving your hearing and preventing whistling sounds.

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Customer reviews for "Alpine MusicSafe PRO"

19 Oct 2022
Ces bouchons d 'oreilles sont

Ces bouchons d 'oreilles sont top, j'utilise le filtre gris argenté afin de protéger mon audition et entendre les instructions de notre Mestre

4 Oct 2022


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