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Sagunto is an ancient city in the fertile lands of Camp de Morvedre in the province of Valencia in eastern Spain. The rolling hills frame the quaint place  by the Mediterranean cost, major historical events took place here once upon a time. It is known for the remains of the ancient  Iberian city of SAguntum, with played a significant part in the Second Punic War betwween the Carthaginians under Hannibal and the Romans. 


The city still shows remarkably many signs of its history, the amphitheatre, a massive town wall and the pretty historical centre of Sagunto  take you on a journey through time.
The Spanish Samba scene is incredibly energetic and spreads an impressive amount of power, creativity and love to Brazilian music, which has lead to its being one of the most active locations of European Samba festivals. The Percumon Festival has become well established in the past few years, for the first time, this year also Rio Samba has been included in their concept. Professional organisation promises an amazing programme with top activities, workshops with reknown Brazilian mestres, concerts, the obligatory parade and the gran finale - a showdown competition of batucadas in the Roman amphitheatre of Sagunto. If you have not yet booked your flight, you should definitively do so quickly as the event promises to be a spectacular experience and holds many surprises for all participants including family friendly environment. It will be an event for everybody, but especially for Samba Reggae fans!

For free: sun and seaside, the historical centre and beautiful sights with history-charged monuments which were built centuries B.C. when Sagunto was a thriving trading town that federalised with the Greek colonists and Rome against Carthage and therewith triggered Hannibal's first attack - the begin of the 2. Punic War. 


Samba in a Roman amphitheatre is nothing you'll see that often - at the Percumon it is part of the festival. Workshops for Samba Reggae are held by top-class musicians - Mestre Gordo / Cortejo Afro and Cra Rosa will take over the timbal rehearsals and Samba Reggae training. For Rio Samba people, Antoni Crespí is booked to hold a workshop, he is currently the mestre of fiery Carabassamba Bateria Fogosa and organiser of the Carabassamba Festivals in Mallorca.

There will be shows from visiting and local groups, a camp site, communal meals, street stages, kids workshops, parties with DJs, a big street parade and much more.

We are honored to be part of the festival with Kalango and have organised a Festival Deal for the participants:
With the code PERCUMON2018 you can order online and get 10% off and free shipping directly to the festival where you can pick up your order on site. For further information please check Percumon's Facebook site:

There will be a raffle where you can win some great Samba prizes! Come join us!

Facebook event: