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Another very cool samba festival which is surely worth the journey!
The Spanish Samba scene is about to become one of the most popular places in Europe for Samba festivals. Their power, creativity and love to Brazilian music have not passed unnoted amongst Europe's Rio Samba and Samba Reggae scene. The Percumon Festival is still relatively new but promising and offers a fantastic programme with top-activities ranging from workshops with popular mestres, concerts, the obligatory parade, family-friendly activities and quite a few surprises. This festival is for everybody, especially for Samba Reggae fans!
As an add-on, you can enjoy the sun and the nearby seaside, the historical medina with beautiful sights - the place is literally soaked in history! Heritage sights from centuries B.C. when Sagunto was a prospering trading town which then allied with the greek colonists and Rome against Carthage and incurred Hannibal's first attack - the begin of the 2. Punic War.

Playing Samba in a Roman amphitheatre is a rare occasion - at Percumon Festival it is fix part of the programme.
Mestre Cesar Veloso and Charly Babalu will be giving workshops, the band Green Gos Batukada have recently returned from Greece with fresh repertory to share. There will also be a batucada contest, 

Es gibt einen Contest, prize money and a KALANGO voucher for printed custom heads!
Join the party!

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