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Play Along Choro - Pandeiro - Biscoito Fino

Biscoito Fino
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Text in Portuguese and English. 13 songs, 75 pages. Play Along Choro is your chance to take part... mehr

" Play Along Choro - Pandeiro - Biscoito Fino "  Artikeleigenschaften

Text in Portuguese and English. 13 songs, 75 pages. Play Along Choro is your chance to take part in a a top-class "roda de choro", both as a listener and as a musician. Each of the six volumes in this series consists of a book and a CD. In the book you will find: learning tips regarding technique and style, music scores, the history of the instrument, and bio graphies of the foremost players and composers, as well as a basic disco graphy for each of the instruments discussed. The CDs include compositions by Chiquinha Gonzaga, Ernesto Nazareth, Jacob do Bandolim, Pizinguinha, Waldir Azevedo, Paulinho da Viola and other choro masters, performed by some of the leading contemporary instrumentalists of this musical genre. The recordings have been made using the lastest state-of-the-art technology, while remaining faithful to the choro traditions in both the arrangements and instrumentation. The CDs have been recorded and mixed so as to allow for maximum interaction on the part of the listener/performer. On your stereo system, you can hear the instrument in reference separately on one channel, for you to study every detail of the musical phrasing, solos, and ornaments, while on the other channel you will hear the rest of the group, with this instrument. In the center position of your stereo's balance control you will be able to listen to the whole group. This package is priceless to all musicians, amateur or professional, beginner or advanced, who wish to deepen and strengthen their knowledge of choro, both in terms of technique and style.

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